About Me

The name is John.

I have a bachelor degree in Accounting, I am a self-taught programmer.

I started with MS Excel, then jump to MS Access and Visual Basic for Applications. I did some work on Visual Basic 6. Moved from there to MS SQL Server. I have some knowledge of ASP and PHP. Now I am working with VB.net 2010.

I can handle the steepest learning curves in record time when it comes to  software.

  • I have working knowledge of several ERP’s
  • All Microsoft Office Versions.
  • All Microsoft Operating System.
  • All Microsoft SQL Versions.
  • Good understanding of Linux Desktop/Servers Systems : Fedora, Ubuntu, etc.
  • And my favorite tool : VMWare : Virtualization Software.

PD: unfortunately,  “Leave a Reply” does not work on Microsoft Internet Explorer. bummer. And I have plenty of things to do other than to fix something that should work on the first place.

Does it sound familiar?

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pink floyd

We’re just two lost souls
Swimming in a fish bowl.

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